Workplace health programs 

The best programs will get business results for your company and personal results for your people. That’s precisely our goal...

To strengthen your business by helping your people to strengthen themselves.

To have the most positive impact on your workforce’s collective efficiency (cost and performance) you must change your workplace culture and employee health behaviours.

We are unaware of any other company who matches Health by Design’s consistent participation and group behaviour change outcomes. In fact, our results double most reported industry averages.

Change is a process. Most programs are focused on risk identification, awareness raising, or short-term challenges, but lack the strategic backbone necessary to maintain the consistent employee engagement that leads to sustainable change.

Health by Design’s 20 years of experience has led to a clear strategy and process, that routinely achieves...

  • Engagement of the whole workforce
  • Positive behavior change from two-thirds of the workforce
  • Reductions in measured health risks
  • Reductions in absences
  • Reductions in injuries
  • Improvement in job engagement
  • Improvement in productivity

Contact our experienced team to discuss your unique workforce and work environment and we will work with you to empower and inspire positive change across your workforce.

87% of employees say wellness programs are important when determining an employer of choice.
— Virgin Healthmiles Survey, 2013