The people behind HBD

Greg McLoughlin, CEO

Many years ago, I became obsessed by human behaviour in relation to choices around health and wellness. A pivotal moment that I remember while I was studying for a Bachelor's degree in physical education and health sciences, was working in a fitness centre and being staggered by the drop-out rate. I was an extremely passionate health practitioner, eager to help people lead healthier lives. When a new member joined the fitness centre, we would gather a range of information and testing data. We would then set them up with a program designed to achieve their objectives. Then, I would follow up with them as they visited the fitness centre to check in and see how they were progressing. It became so clear how many people 'dropped out'/stopped coming. Part of me took it personally! But as I started to look into it further, it became clear that this was a global phenomenon. Behavioural change was extremely difficult to firstly embark on and then to sustain. I became driven to find better ways to help more people enjoy a healthier life. The early learnings from the fitness centre experiences combined with the teaching skills led me to register a Personal Training business in 1989. I then travelled overseas for two years and when I returned to Australia in 1992 I never went back to full time teaching. I started the personal training business. At that stage there were only a handful of trainers in Melbourne and I had to advertise it very specifically 'Personal Fitness Training'... because without the 'fitness' part people didn't know what it was!!

I am extremely proud of our passionate team that work each day to help so many people live healthier lives. That's the 'rewarding' part - the fact that we have found ways to help the multitude of people that would not normally engage and allow themselves to be helped. Every working day we try to find better mechanisms for delivering better outcomes in preventative health and injury risk reduction. 

In terms of a lifelong passion, the one thing I now know unequivocally is that the job is never done! We will keep finding better ways to engage people and to help them.

I sincerely thank our clients who have been on this journey with us and our passionate team who have helped so many people lead healthier lives over the past 25 years.


On a more personal note, I've been married for 26 years to the beautiful Patty! Which had a side benefit of creating 3 wonderful children, Jack, Marnie and Sophie, that I loved spending time with while they were little and still love spending time with them now they are big! I also love water skiing, running, tennis, hiking, Australian Rule Football, travelling and camping. I also feel very fortunate to have a great group of friends that I love socialising with.

Anna Rickards, General Manager

I am passionate about supporting clients through pivotal change! 

It's all about finding out what is important to them, what makes them "tick" and what will have a big impact on their life.... and then working with them to set up a strategy, to achieve that outcome. 

Sometimes it's doing more, sometimes it’s doing less, sometimes its approaching things differently!

I love the balance of sharing continuously evolving, cutting edge, scientific research in a way that makes behaviour change easy to contemplate and helping to make it ACTIONABLE in people’s lives... It's the combination of science and behaviour change that brings lasting change to individuals and workplaces.

It’s a privilege to offer clients genuine support on their health journey while respectfully challenging any habits that may have led to sub optimal health outcomes. I believe everyone has something they would like to improve about their health and I love being a valued, authentic and passionate part of the team that helps clients achieve these brilliant outcomes. 

I love balancing the speed and excitement of my career, with a slow and intentional personal life. As a wife and mother of 2 children, I know how quickly life passes, how important health is and how making the absolute most of every day is what allows us to look back and say we are living a life to be proud of. In my spare time, I love basketball and golf with my children, community involvement projects, gardening, "social" exercise with friends and family, sharing a love of hiking and camping with my family, learning to use power tools and the odd visit to a Mornington Peninsula vineyard!

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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