Traditional approaches to safety have been compliance driven. Health by Design moves beyond compliance to influence safer behaviours and a safer culture.

Think of your most common workplace injuries. Are most of them complacency accidents or silly human error? The vast majority of these are preventable, and most strongly relate to employee focus, stress, fatigue, task behaviours, and physical condition.

Health by Design tailors health and safety initiatives to target your key organisational risks. This is further strengthened by working one-on-one with individuals to identify and coach towards personal risk mitigation relating to their physical health and capacity or task specific job behaviours.

The effectiveness of this layered approach to group education and individual attention is exceptional, with many clients significantly reducing both injury rates and severity measures.

Smokers have 2x the rate of workers compensation claims as non-smokers, and as many as 85% of workers compensation claims are associated with employees at medium or high health risk.

Join the dots

Safety is a combination of frame
of mind and strength of body.

Physical strength, flexibility, and balance all have a direct relationship to the risk of the body breaking down under physical stress; whereas fatigue, stress, and concentration all have a direct impact on the likelihood of overlooking safety protocols or accident causation.

The physical work environment, tools, and workplace policies all have a huge impact on workplace safety; but so too does the physical and mental functional capacity of your workforce.

Addressing employee health and safety at the individual level, as well as concurrently influencing strong safety policies and culture company-wide presents enormous value potential by not only reducing safety incidents and workers compensation costs, but by also improving absence rates and productivity.   


How can Health by Design help?

We offer targeted, innovative, engaging solutions based on the needs and identified risk areas of your workforce. Our high engagement branding, content and innovative solutions allow us to target 80%+ engagement and 60%+ measured risk reduction across your total workforce.


Collaboratively developed in consultation with you, then 100% delivered by Health by Design practitioners at a contact frequency and intensity that achieves optimal population outcomes in terms of engagement and measured change.

Gold – maximise a limited budget

A 12 month program targeting identified risks. However, there is an intensive 4 month block focussed on risk identification and subsequent risk reduction. The remaining 8 months focus on sustainability of key messages and education.

Train the Trainer

Health by Design develop and deliver the first 4 months of the program. During this time, Health by Design concurrently train local site based ‘trainers’. 

  • The trainer is supported monthly, including reviews of engagement and recorded change. 
  • Monthly health promotion materials are provided to support individual action plans and group education.
  • Health by Design return annually to provide testing and specialist support where required.

Logistical challenges are not a problem. Contact us to discuss your options and we'll customise a program to suit your workforce.


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