What makes it all work?

You can’t simply tell your employees to “be healthier.” Showing and involving employees in ongoing interactive education through highly engaging branding and content is how we achieve sustainable outcomes.

Health by Design effectively customises, adapts, and incorporates the scientific and psychological elements needed to ensure you get the best outcomes.

We report to you monthly, quarterly and annually on the program progress, participation, and outcomes.

The statistics speak for themselves...

  • Injuries reduced by an average of 50%
  • Average reduction in major health risks of 20%
  • Health behaviour change from an average of 65% of your total workforce
  • Voluntary monthly engagement averaging over 80% of your total workforce


Darren Kane Video: Hear about the positive impact of our program at Telstra.

David McKelvie Video: Dave discusses his experience with our program at Holcim.


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Case studies

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