We've been challenging low impact
employee wellness initiatives for over 25 years.

We have a better model and better results.

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85% of the total workforce engaged each month

79% of the total workforce making change to improve health, safety or performance

50% of the total workforce have achieved a measured health improvement - e.g. blood pressure, cholesterol, weight etc

26% of the total workforce making risk range changes (e.g. moved from high blood pressure risk category to low or moderate risk)

HOW do your current employee wellness program results compare? 

what are Our key points of difference? how do we get better outcomes?

We know that if people aren't engaged, they'll never change.
We target the hard to change people!


Our program structure leads to repeated & sustained engagement which provides more opportunity for progressive education and change compared with traditional "campaign" or "activity" based health promotion strategies.

Meeting people where they're at

Most health education is generic: a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand  the varying stages of behavioural readiness, and provide health information & strategies which better fit people's existing level of interest. This leads to improved integration into their work day and daily lives. 

Structured change pathway

Our program models create more consistent engagement which allows us to create progressive pathways for individual change.
This makes change more sustainable compared with the minimal changes participants make in
short-run challenges or
from traditional wellness once-off events.  

Greater relevance

Many wellness strategies are formed through silo strategies and niche campaigns. But health in real life is integrated, not isolated. Our programs properly integrate and address health, safety resilience and performance more holistically and with greater relevance to your workforce's needs.