Effective Ergonomics program 

Joining the dots between ergonomics and lifestyle factors. 

An ergonomic assessment is a very practical way of identifying the key risk areas for each employee. By outlining simple and effective changes to workstation set up, employees will be able to prevent musculoskeletal pain and injury and improve performance.  

But this is just the first step in achieving good health. Our Effective Ergonomics program looks to join the dots between key health factors and the impact on how a person works. 

To discuss implementing the Effective Ergonomics program and what is has to offer at your workplace, call 1300 30 40 68 or email askme@healthbydesign.com.au today.


  • A 15 minute ergonomic check for each individual 
  • Discussion on the impact of factors such as hydration, movement, nutrition and stress
  • Each employee is equipped with the resources to develop an action plan to improve their overall health and performance
  • Ongoing ergonomic education to help reinforce key messages


  • Employees are given valuable tools to help improve their health which then leads to increased work performance and lower injury risk
  • All resources are supplied and testing is conducted by qualified staff