Deskdrop coaching

Deskdrop coaching is a highly effective method of educating your workforce on a specific health or injury prevention topic with minimal disruption to 'work flow'. It is also an ideal approach for small budgets and limited time frames.

The short and targeted coaching sessions comprise of highly engaging and interactive content, effectively communicated to give all employees the skills and knowledge to make and sustain positive health changes to their lifestyle.

Mix 'n' match for more impact.

Want to add more to your workplace health initiative? Why not combine two or three of our most loved services and help your employees reach their full potential. Here are just a few options:

  • Deskdrop coaching + toolbox
  • Deskdrop coaching + toolbox + interactive display
  • Deskdrop coaching + heart health assessments
  • Deskdrop coaching + ergonomic assessments

For a quote and more information on how you can integrate this, and many other Health by Design workplace health solutions, into your workplace with minimal disruption to 'work flow' contact us today.