Workplace competitions & challenges

Our workplace competitions and challenges encourage team work, camaraderie and improved culture, all while having a positive effect on a person’s health.

The benefits of implementing a competition at your workplace include promoting a positive workplace culture and building teamwork amongst employees, improving the health and wellbeing of employees (both physically and mentally), increasing work performance and reducing absenteeism. 

Improving your health shouldn't be boring — why not implement a company-based competition? 

Call 1300 30 40 68 or email for more details and to discuss options for your workplace. 

Health by Design have a number of workplace challenges
competitions that can be implemented within your company.

These include:

  • The Great Aussie Walkabout
  • Everest Climb Challenge
  • Fit 4 Duty
  • Quit n Get Fit
  • The Healthy Habits Challenge
  • The Taste Bud Challenge
  • The Meal Swap Challenge
  • The Healthy Food Challenge
  • Weight Loss Warriors
  • Shape up for Christmas Challenge

How will a competition benefit your staff

"Before the commencement of the competition, one employee was only completing irregular lunchtime walks. He has since purchased a gym membership and has been going most days. Since then he has been completing resistance training alongside regular cardio training and has seen great results. He has lost 2kg and 5cm from his waist over the duration of the competition. He is also more regularly checking his blood pressure, daily step count and weight via his bluetooth smartphone equipment in an effort to keep improving."

"One employee lost 2kg and 2% body fat during the challenge month. His changes included increasing his gym sessions frequency from once per week to four per week and walking daily at lunchtime. In addition to this, completing stretches at each gym session has enabled him to improve his lower body flexibility by 5cm."

"Another employee has lost 2cm from his waist over the course of the challenge by making an effort to walk more than 30 minutes on his daily commute, in addition to lunchtime walks. He has also started doing bodyweight exercises and stretches 2-3 times per week."