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Client results that exceed industry averages

Client results that exceed industry averages

Do you want results that go above and beyond industry averages? Our programs are more relevant to your workforce and our results are more than DOUBLE industry averages. This is just one client’s story.

Mental health: it's time to get PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!

Mental health: it's time to get PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE!

A proactive approach to mental health at work focuses on eliminating problems and reducing the risk of poor mental health before it becomes an issue and starts to cost you money, lost productivity etc.
A reactive approach is based on responding to events after they have happened.
What do you think sounds better?

Join the dots: sleep & your health

Join the dots: sleep & your health

Missing as little as 1.5 hours of sleep reduces daytime alertness by 32%. But that’s not all there is to it. Poor sleep can have a widespread impact on your health, including but not limited to the following:

  • People who average less than 6 hours of sleep are 4 times more likely to develop a cold.

  • An extra hour or sleep each night is associated with a 33% lower chance of the build up of calcium in your arteries. This is equivalent to a 16 point drop in systolic blood pressure.

  • While you sleep, your immune system produces protective, infection-fighting substances like cytokines. It uses these substances to combat foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Long-term sleep deprivation also increases your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

  • Sleep deprivation prompts your body to release higher levels of insulin after you eat. Higher insulin levels promote fat storage and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • During sleep, we are relaxed and our pulse and breathing slows down. Not sleeping means that no slowing down or relaxation occurs, and we are left in an anxious state.

Is it time to take action and fight fatigue at your workplace? If you can’t afford for your employees to be taking sick days for a cold, you certainly can’t afford for them to develop type 2 diabetes, anxiety or heart disease. Get in touch today so we can tailor a program or service to meet the needs of your workplace!

Client results - Unlocking the door to higher engagement

By enlisting the services of Health by Design this waste management solutions company has achieved the following great results so far this year:

  • 81% voluntary average monthly engagement (well above industry averages)

  • 81% of employees implementing behavioural actions relating to their main risk area

  • 40% of employees have made a risk range change – ie. Moved from high risk blood pressure to moderate or low risk

  • Improved staff morale

  • Decreased injury risks

  • A reduction of employee health risks through reduced or improved blood pressure, blood glucose, weight management and cholesterol levels

  • Healthier, happier, safer and more productive staff

This ongoing health program has been successful in terms of providing a range of health and injury prevention solutions, specific to the needs of the client. It includes: monthly toolbox talk education sessions, health promotion material, Healthy Heart Screens, health and injury prevention coaching, injury prevention testing and injury prevention material.

As a result of their tailored workplace health program, 81% of employees are making at least one behaviour change relating to their main risk area. This behaviour change represents an employee making a positive, sustained improvement to their health, wellbeing or injury prevention focus area.

Here is a selection of some of the more significant individual positive behaviour changes achieved during the first half of 2018:

  • Since their health screen at the beginning of 2018, two employees at one site have been going to the gym before work in the morning. These employees have both lost over 5cm from their waist so far. They are also keeping each other accountable Monday to Friday with their food intake. They are both ensuring they are increasing their fruit and vegetable snacks and decreasing their daily complex carbohydrate intake. Both employees have set themselves goals for both waist and weight measurements to achieve by the end of the year.

  • Another employee has been diagnosed with high blood pressure, requiring medication for the time being. This high blood pressure reading was picked up during a health assessment by their Health by Design practitioner. This individual has now begun to walk after work, while also decreasing portion sizes. The goal is for this employee to decrease his weight, which could result in a reduction of blood pressure medication and, hopefully, one day being taken off the medication all together.

  • A driver had been suffering from shoulder pain for a significant amount of time when behind the wheel of his truck. Two stretches and two strengthening exercises were given to this employee to decrease the pain which is believed to be due to poor posture when driving. The employee has reported a 50% decrease in pain. The Health by Design practitioner has also referred this employee to assist with further treatment.

These stories are a testament to the impact that a workplace health program can have at your workplace. This is just four lives that have been significantly improved through pain reduction and improved health outcomes. These employees are now happier, healthier, safer and more productive.  

What will your workforce achieve with a Health by Design workplace health program? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff achieve high engagement and reduced health and injury risks.