Hi everyone, it's Lauren here - the resident HbD Febfast-er! It's day 7 (21 days to go!) and if I'm being honest - I'm REALLY missing my wine! And cider. There's also plenty of vodka in my cupboard calling my name.

Luckily I've been really busy this week, so instead of having plenty of time to dwell on not being able to drink I've been out & about, helping people out then collapsing in bed. On that note, I think I'm definitely sleeping better and surviving on less sleep. It makes a nice change!

Not only is it day 7 today, but weekend #2 of no-alcohol is about to kick off. It practically kicked off last night when I went out last night with the work crew for Katika's birthday. There was beer, BIG glasses of wine calling my name and delicious-smelling mango cocktails (not only do I love wine, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE mango's, so that was a toughie). But it was a good night, nevertheless :)

Tonight will be a different Friday night - I've got a personal training session booked in! Trust me, that's a first for a Friday night. I'd much rather be at the pub or chilling out on the couch. Obviously, i'll also be sober on Saturday night so depending on how brave I'm feeling I might make it to Jacob's ladder at a decant hour on Sunday morning! Then i'll be off to another birthday event for a friend. My fiancé doesn't know how lucky he is to have me as his designated driver this month!

I hope everyone else who is doing Febfast is travelling well, feel free to get involved & share your stories with us!