Hydration, productivity and energy levels.

A 1% decrease in hydration can result in a productivity drop of 12%. If hydration is reduced by 3% this productivity loss can be as much as 25-50%. Dehydration results in decreased cognitive function, poor concentration and alertness, poor judgement and slower reaction times.

Hydration and heart health.

Dehydration can lead to high blood pressure. This is because the process of dehydration causes your blood to become thicker and difficult to circulate around your body. As a result, your body must ‘squeeze’ the blood vessels to help move your blood throughout your body which raises blood pressure.

Hydration and injury risk.

Throughout the day, water is squeezed out of the discs between your spine and vertebrae. These discs are made up mostly of water so without adequate hydration this can put pressure on your spine and cause pain, swelling, ruptures and herniation. Plus, dehydrated discs can add to existing back pain.