The human body cannot tolerate immobility for long. Movement stimulates circulation which supplies nutrients to tissues and removes waste. This results in greater alertness and less fatigue throughout the day.

Sitting at a desk for hours can be unhealthy and damaging to the musculoskeletal system. Let’s look a bit closer at the mechanics of sitting and how sitting for too long or with incorrect posture can lead to injury.

Sitting with poor posture leads to:

  • Tight chest muscles
  • Tight shoulder muscles
  • Tight abdominal muscles
  • Tight hamstring muscles
  • Tight hip flexor muscles
  • Weak upper back muscles
  • Weak lower back muscles

Correct seated posture to minimise muscle tightness and weakness looks like this:

  • Arms - 90 degrees
  • Legs & torso - 90 degrees
  • Knees - 90 degrees
  • Feet - 90 degrees

Tomorrow we will look into more detail about the impact of poor posture and tight muscles. Stay tuned!