Warming up is all about preparing your body and mind for the tasks ahead. If you’re correctly warmed up for work you will be more focussed, more productive and reduce your risk of suffering an injury.

A warm up is a great, refreshing way to start your work shift. If you’ve just finished your lunch break, blood flow is being diverted from your muscles to your digestive tract to help you metabolise your food. So a brief warm up before you return to work will help you get the blood flowing back to your muscles and brain again – which leaves your mind and body ready for work. If you’ve hit the 3pm slump, try an afternoon warm up instead of a chocolate bar or coffee!

The best warm ups will mimic the tasks that you will be performing so try focussing on the body parts that you will use the most.

If you want a helping hand in coordinating daily warm up routines that will improve productivity and reduce the risk of injury at your workplace, contact us today via email askme@healthbydesign.com.au or call 1300 30 40 68.  Increasing regular exercise has proven to be one of the best interventions for reducing back pain and musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. Plus, they are low cost to implement! What are you waiting for?