Did you know fatigue is one of the leading causes of bad posture? This is where good nutrition habits come in to play. You can control your energy levels and keep fatigue at bay by eating regular healthy meals throughout your work day.

Why are regular healthy meals important in the fight against fatigue and the 3pm slump?
It's because your blood glucose levels play an important role in how energised you feel. Regular meals provide a constant supply of blood glucose – fuel for your brain- giving you longer lasting energy and improved concentration. The diagram below sums this up:

Ready to take action to improve your ergonomics at work? Start with your nutrition.
Keep healthy foods at work to snack on throughout the day e.g. dried fruit & nut mix, fruit, vegetable sticks, wholemeal crackers with honey and low-fat yoghurt tubs.
Don't forget to enjoy a nutritious breakfast! Tufts University researchers found that people who ate a packet of instant porridge with 1/2 cup of skim milk received a steady glucose supply, which increased their alertness all morning and improved their ability to process information.

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