Smokers are 3 times more likely to experience back pain!

The good news is, quitting can ease the pain and reduce the problems that cause back pain among smokers.

So, are you wondering what exactly creates the link between smoking and back pain? Here's some insight:

  • Reduced blood flow to the spinal region (which increases the risk of back injury)
  • Jarring caused by the infamous "smokers cough"
  • Poor bone mineral content
  • Interrupted body repair processes (which leads to inflammation and pain)

If smoking is an issue at your workplace that you'd like to see addressed, a Quit and Get Fit competition could be just what you need! This workplace competition could be just what your employees need to motivate them to quit and their non-smoker colleagues can join in too by choosing a vice of their own they'd like to quit. Be sure to take a look at the flyer or get in touch to discuss options today! Why wait?