Google the term "ageing workforce" and you'll be bombarded with the words "challenge", and "strategy", "implications" as well as links to "productivity" and "performance. Have you given the ageing workforce of your organisation much thought lately?

Your older employees can be of real value for their experience, leadership and work ethic. However, an ageing workforce can also represent significant costs to your organisation, courtesy of eroding health. Effectively managing the health of an ageing workforce can allow you to maximise the benefits of their experience while also minimising the costs associated with health or injury risks.

Improving the health and lifestyle behaviours of an ageing population can go a long way towards slowing the negative impacts of ageing and mitigating the risks associated with injuries and detrimental work performance.

At Health by Design, we have extensive experience working with members of an ageing workforce and continually carry out research in this area. If you would like to see our latest ageing workforce whitepaper, please send an email to We will be happy to assist!