It is no secret or surprise that employees are spending more and more time at their desks. 2015 is not likely to be any different! Unfortunately, with this substantial desk time comes musculoskeletal discomfort, injuries and a range of physical health issues. The good news is, office ergonomics programs have already demonstrated improved employee wellbeing and productivity, however more often than not this solution is only presented after complaints have been lodged. Proactive, preventative efforts in this space are key to preventing discomfort and injury, and increasing employee health, wellbeing, job satisfaction and retention.

The solution:

At Health by Design, we recognise that an ergonomic risk assessment is a very practical way of identifying the key risk areas of employees. By conducting our ergonomic risk assessments, we can outline simple and effective changes to employee ergonomics that will help to minimise and eliminate musculoskeletal pain, injury and enhance their performance.

Whether you need 20 minute standard ergonomic assessments, 60 minute comprehensive assessments or an ergonomics workshop, Health by Design are available to help. Contact us today on 1300 30 40 68 or email to lock in a service today or speak to a consultant.