When Health by Design first met with Michelle from Toll Shipping she did not want to participate in the program. She was happy to say hello and have a chat about the weekend, however when the topic of health was raised she would shut off and say she had to get back to work. 

After around 3 months of the same conversation she finally took some information on healthy eating and expressed her desire to decrease her body weight, however she was always putting it in the “too hard” basket. For the first time, she even agreed to get on the scales for a weight measurement - a massive step for someone who wouldn’t even chat to Health by Design about her health three months ago!

During the following month, Health by Design put together some information in relation to healthy eating and a simple walking plan to get her started. Michelle began by following the diet plan and decreasing her portion sizes while on board the ship. This included fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, a salad and chicken sandwich for lunch and a small sized dinner focussed on limited saturated fats. We also set a goal to increase her water intake to 2L per day.

Along with the change in diet she also started briskly walking 30 minutes per day. This was a huge lifestyle change for Michelle and she reported having more energy throughout the day, while also sleeping better at night.

One month later she agreed to be re measured on the scales. The results were outstanding - she had dropped 4kgs and her face instantly lit up with pride!! Each month following this she continued to drop weight. Her most recent measurements taken in March 2014 showed a total weight loss of 13.4kg. Subsequently her blood pressure and cholesterol dropped into normal ranges, dramatically reducing her long term risk of heart disease.    

“My self-confidence and drive for life has changed forever. I cannot believe how easy it has been to drop weight by just changing a few simple things!!”
Michelle – Toll Shipping