Over the course of 2018, this clients’ program included a range of initiatives, tailored to their identified risks of their workforce and their logistics/environment. It included:

  • Monthly toolbox talks / education topics

  • Health Risk Appraisals (allowing us to gain insights into health behaviour items such as alcohol intake, physical activity, sleep, mental health and caffeine intake trends)

  • Heart health testing: cholesterol, glucose, waist to hip ratio and blood pressure

  • Injury prevention testing: posture assessments, hamstring flexibility testing, dynamic balance and ankle mobility

  • One-on-one monthly coaching with a re-measurement of the main identified risk area

  • Overarching theme topics included Heart Health, Strategic Eating and Physical Capacity for Life

An average of 84% of employees participated in the program throughout 2018 and 100% of employees were engaged at least once during 2018.

Risk progression

Our main aim is to ensure we are assisting employees to continually progress along a path of behaviour change; from being interactively engaged in the program, to making behaviour changes relating to their main risk area, then ultimately achieving measured risk change (ie. moving from a high risk blood glucose category to moderate or low risk, thus reducing their risk of diabetes and greatly improving quality of life, and health and safety at work).

The diagram below details the ongoing risk change continuum over the past 2 years:

Client results - Estee 2018.jpg

At the end of 2018, a total of 166 behaviour changes had been made across this total workforce. 97% of the workforce had made at least one positive change to their behaviour. This is HUGE news because behaviour change is representative of the positive actions and changed behaviours that have been made towards a goal. This goal is always linked to the individuals main risk area - eg. high blood pressure, low levels physical activity, high blood glucose levels.

It is through the various program components including workshops, onsite coaching, health promotion material, testing and interactive displays, that these employees have been engaged and provided the support required to reach their health goals.

Some specific highlights from this workforce include the following stories:

  • After struggling with his blood pressure, this employee increased his exercise and stretching routine up to five times a week before work. His blood pressure has reduced from high risk all the way down to normal ranges!

  • Although dealing with some highly stressful times, this employee has found the time to make positive changes to her diet and exercise. She has increased the amount of exercise she does per week from two to five walks per week, as well as reducing processed snacks like cake from her diet. She is excited for the future and the positive changes she will continue to make.

  • After seeing his weight drastically increase through a combination of poor diet and lack of exercise, this employee began using a step counter app on his phone and now goes for an hour walk each night after work.

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