Have you ever lost your train of thought? Considering your brain is 75% water, it could’ve been that your brain dropped to below normal fluid levels!

We all know water is essential to good health… yet over 50% of us don’t drink enough! How does this happen? We wait for our brain to tell us we’re thirsty! The problem with this strategy, is that the body’s thirst mechanism doesn’t kick in until we are 1-2% dehydrated. So, by the time you recognise you’re thirsty, you could already be experiencing a drop in concentration and energy.

Could chronic dehydration be shrinking your brain?

Scientists have found that 90 minutes of sweating without replenishing lost fluids shrinks your brain at the same rate as one year of ageing! During the same study, they also discovered that dehydration impacts how hard your brain can work – increased effort was required for common cognitive tasks, impacting on short term and long term memory and general problem solving.

This doesn’t sound like an ideal situation for anyone, regardless of the type of work they do!

It’s easy to fix, though. Re-hydrating (or ideally, staying hydrated) can easily reverse this impact on your brain. A hydrated-brain can think faster, maintain better focus and experience greater clarity and creativity.

Is it time to fill up your drink bottle? Bonus reasons to stay hydrated:

  • Heart rates have been shown to increase by four beats per minute for every percentage of body water lost. Heat causes a rise in blood pressure and the blood starts to thicken, putting extra strain on the heart and surrounding organs.

  • It is estimated that 80% of the population suffers from energy loss due to dehydration! How? Our liver uses water to metabolise fat into useable energy. Without energy, we can’t carry out tasks effectively, thus impacting on work performance and safety.

 Are you getting enough? Check the colour of your urine.

  • Urine that is light yellow is a good indication that you’re getting enough fluid

  • Darker urine can indicate dehydration

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