Have a read of these stories, then get in touch with us if it's time to unlock your own feel-good stories and health improvements for your workplace.

  • Following their initial Health Screen, this employee has decreased their blood pressure from a high risk range reading back into the medium risk category. This employee has also dropped their waist circumference measurement by 5cm in 2 months! To achieve this, the employee followed the suggestions by their Health by Design coach and decreased portion sizes for their meals, while also increasing their fruit and vegetable consumption. On top of these positive changes, they have also made a real effort to complete a minimum of two exercise sessions per week. Their next goal is to reduce their waistline by even more while also decreasing their blood pressure to be back into the normal/low risk range category.

  • After complaining of tightness, pain/strain one of our coaches conducted an ergonomic assessment during the employees’ next site visit. Following these changes to the work station, the employee could immediately feel benefits.

  • After finding out he had very high blood sugar levels during a health check with his coach, this employee was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. Initially, he struggled to come to terms with the dietary changes required and was not taking medication regularly. Fast forward a few months and some helpful coaching, he has since made big changes to his diet resulting in normal-range blood sugar readings. He is still working on losing weight but is becoming more confident with his diagnosis and the lifestyle changes required. The positive flow-on effect to his immediate family has also been reported.

  • Following 2 years of coaching, this employee has nearly completely quit smoking (down to one per day, less than 5 days each week)! He is also running 5km twice each week - even in Winter! Plus, instead of buying lunch each day, he now brings in leftovers for lunch and eats much more fruit. His goal is to increase his running distance as it gets warmer and to drink more water.

  • This employee has lost 6kg by cutting down on his sugars, making better food choices and increasing his activity outside of work. Has also reduced his blood sugar reading from high risk to normal.

  • This employee has been exercising daily, walking 10 000 steps per day and completing 2 sessions at the gym per week. Since increasing her exercise intensity she has dropped her cholesterol by 1.2.

  • By making an effort to increase his frequency of physical activity each day and stretching, this employee has seen his blood pressure drop from high risk a year ago to low risk.

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