No workplace should be unsafe.

Instead of just implementing more compliance driven initiatives, take a moment to stop and think about how you can actually have a positive impact on safety at your workplace. Most injuries and accidents at your workplace are likely preventable - and strongly related to employee focus, stress levels, fatigue, task behaviours and the physical condition of the worker. 

Commit to a healthier and safer workplace by booking a service with Health by Design that works to influence safer behaviours and giving your staff strong, compelling reasons to change. 

  • Could your staff be at higher risk of injury because of high blood sugar levels? YES.
  • Could your staff be putting their bodies under extra strain by working with poor posture, increasing their risk of injury? YES.
  • Does being overweight influence how likely they are to be injured? YES.
  • Does brain chemistry influence decision making and make some people more likely to take risks? YES
  • Could your staff be more focused on their work and less likely to suffer fatigue by eating certain foods? YES.

See, we're about more than just ticking a few compliance boxes. We delve deeper and it elicits better results. Below are a few suggestions for your workplace, but if you think you need something else - just get in touch.

  • Workshop + action planning session: choose from a range of topics and take it to the next level with an action planning session so your staff can immediately implement what they've learnt!
  • Roving interactive displays: we bring the display to your employees for minimal disruption to their work day. All interactive displays are attention-grabbing, educational and engaging.
  • Healthy Heart Screens: healthy employees are safer workers, with much lower injury risks. Join the dots between health and safety by booking health checks for your workforce.
  • Ergonomic assessment options: choose from a 15 minute comprehensive ergonomic assessment, deskdrop coaching including a 5-point workstation check or a workshop + ergonomic assessments combination. Vehicle ergonomic assessments are also available.
  • Senseless safety expo: a fun and interactive safety event. When it comes to safety there are no second chances! Staff will learn how to stay switched on, protect their senses and stay on top of their safety at work. 
  • Brain chemistry - implications on safety and risk taking workshop: your staff can learn how their individual brain chemistry influences their safety, their likelihood of taking risks and the strategies they can put in place to reduce risks. 

Plan for a healthier, safer workforce and a successful and informative National Safety Month now. Contact us to book a service or to discuss the best option for your workforce.