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This particular energy and gas industry company enlisted the services of Health by Design when they decided their workforce needed more than just “one-off tests”. The focus of their health and wellbeing program was ergonomics and lifestyle factors because they recognised that increasing awareness of ergonomics and lifestyle factors among their workforce could help their employees prevent pain and posture defects, as well as improve work performance. By enlisting the services of Health by Design, staff morale has improved, injury risks and the frequency of ergonomic-related injuries reduced, staff productivity and performance has increased and there has been a significant decrease in employee health risks.

The health and wellbeing program involved a range of health and injury prevention solutions including an initial heart health assessment and health risk assessment, one-on-one health coaching, on-task coaching, ergonomic risk profiles for employees, train the trainer workshops for health champions, health promotion movie and quiz packages, a Healthy Habits competition and a range of health promotion and injury prevention theme topics delivered each month.

75% average monthly voluntary engagement of the TOTAL WORKFORCE was achieved.

Over the course of the program, a total of 110 behaviour changes have been achieved by the target group. Note: some employees may have made more than one change. 44% of the workforce has made at least one change during the program. This behaviour change represents an employee making a positive, sustained improvement to their health, wellbeing or injury prevention focus area.

These changes and the impact of the program were measured through heart health assessments (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, waist to hip ratio and smoking status), identification of a risk area and health coaching where each employee is measured educated on their risk focus area and given information on the monthly health promotion theme topic.

Monthly reporting from Health by Design also assists the company in achieving high ergonomic compliance and therefore, reduced health and injury risks.

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