We strive to obtain voluntary, monthly engagement in excess of 80% and long term behaviour change of more than 60% in your employees' identified risk areas. This is just one client's story.

As requested by the client, we have just finished an intensive health module focus and are now commencing injury prevention testing. There has been a strong focus on high quality, engaging HP material as we don’t have managers out there every month. But we do get a new topic out to them each month! We’re also lucky to have strong manager support at each individual site.

We have seen progressive program engagement, now averaging 71% participating in monthly coaching sessions, but of course we’re working and striving towards 80%.

Meanwhile, 64% of employees are implementing actions related to their main risk area. We’ve helped them get there with program features including:

  • Launch displays and interactive workshops
  • Healthy Heart Screens to check BP, cholesterol, glucose and weight
  • Health risk and lifestyle appraisals during a one-on-one consultation with a health coach
  • Quality health promotion material – a new topic each month


Real People, Real Results stories
These stories identify employees who have made behaviour changes resulting in a measurable outcome. Below is a selection of some significant individual positive behaviour changes achieved:

  • An employee has worked to cut out bread and extra carbohydrates from his diet while also working on decreasing portion sizes. Over the past 3 months he has lost almost 6kg and has moved his focus towards decreasing his alcohol intake.
  • Another employee is showing that age is no barrier or excuse; this employee has been focussing on his portion size and cutting out extras like cake and ice cream, along with increasing his fruit intake by 1 serve per day. He has lost almost 3kg already! 
  • A third employee has been working on reducing his cigarette smoking following his Healthy Heart Screen. He has reduced his frequency from approximately 15 per day to 10 per day. Next month he aims to reduce by a further 2-3 per day in an attempt to reach his goal of quitting by the second half of the year. He has also seen a reduction in his blood pressure, which could be due to his cigarette smoking reduction.

What could your workforce achieve with a Health by Design workplace health program? Contact us today to discuss how we can help your staff achieve high engagement and reduced health and injury risks.