Did you know?

Diabetes and pre-diabetes results in an increased risk of experiencing blurred vision, black spots and holes in vision. 

Diabetes retinopathy is described as damage to the small blood vessels on the back of the eye. When this occurs you are at risk of experiencing an inability to focus, blurred or distorted vision that cannot be corrected with the use of prescription glasses, problems with balance, difficulty reading and watching TV/screens, being overly sensitive to glare and problems seeing well at night.  These are all symptoms that are not ideal for the workplace!

The risk of these symptoms occurring are heavily influenced by the control of blood glucose (sugar) levels, which if you read part 1 of this series, you will know can be uncontrolled and unstable for long periods of time - even before diabetes is diagnosed. This highlights the need for awareness and - in particular - preventative efforts to ensure blood glucose levels remain in healthy ranges. The workplace is a fantastic setting for these initiatives. 

If you aren't willing to risk the impact and risk to life that vision loss has on worker health and safety, contact us today. We can arrange a timely service to coincide with National Safety Month 2017.