Health by Design have been large supporters of RUOK? Day for several years. In the past we have held several different types of events at workplaces to increase awareness of the day, including morning teas and BBQs; a chance for all employees to converse is a safe and supportive environment as well as having interactive displaces to get all members of your workplace involved. We also have several mental health programs which focus on promoting positive mental health within the workplace. Our programs can be delivered to you at your workplace, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Our three Mental Health programs provide a total population approach to good mental health, resilience and high performance:

    - pro-actively focuses on lifestyle factors to build resilience and improve mental health.
    - joins the dots between physical and psychological health through education and providing a targeted plan to improve health and performance in all dimensions of health.
    - pro-actively influences behaviours using researched based profiling and provides individuals with a health and performance action plan.

If a morning tea, BBQ or comprehensive workplace health program isn't suitable for your workplace, why not try a workshop, interactive display or expo? Of-course this isn't all you're limited to! If these options won't suit, simply get in touch with us today for suggestions or to discuss what would best suit the needs and logistics of your workplace.