• Red meat and processed meat - limit your intake of these meats. Why? Studies have shown evidence of increased bowel cancer risk related to consumption of red (17% increased risk per 100g/day) and processed meat (18% increased risk per 50g/day).
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Why? A standard drink of alcohol (ie: 1 stubby of beer or 1 glass red wine) contains approximately 9g ethanol. Some drinks have more than others. A stubby of beer has 15.4g ethanol! Studies show a 10% increased risk for bowel cancer per 10g ethanol/day.
  • Quit smoking. Why? Tobacco smoking is a cause of bowel cancer. 
  • Reduce body weight. Why? Both increased body fat and abdominal fat are causes of bowel cancer. Type 2 diabetes, associated with overweight and obesity, is also a risk factor for bowel cancer. 

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