The 2017 theme for Men's Health Week is “HEALTHY BODY – HEALTHY MIND: KEEPING THE BALANCE”. It will explore the different ways men are managing to keep healthy, physically and emotionally, in a busy and sometimes challenging world.

Why the focus on Men's health? 

  • Men take their own lives at four times the rate of women (that's five men a day, on average)
  • Men are more likely to die from heart disease
  • 80% of spinal cord injuries occur in young men
  • Men have a higher risk of dying from diabetes
  • Men make up 56% of the workforce, yet a huge 95% of workforce fatalities are men
  • Alcohol kills 6 times more men than women
  • Inactive men are 60% more likely to suffer from depression than those who are inactive

That's pretty alarming isn't it? It's definitely time to take action. That doesn't need to be anything over-the-top or drastic. Small changes can make a really big difference. Here's a few you could implement yourself or suggest to the blokes in your life:

  • Choose smaller serving sizes. Using a smaller plate can help with this one!
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables. Aim to make fruit and vegetables your snack food during the day to help you boost your intake.
  • Water, water, water! Make water your drink of choice and make sure you always have a bottle with you. 
  • Be active everyday. This doesn't mean becoming a gym-junkie, just look for opportunities to be more active. It could mean parking further away, getting off the bus a stop earlier, going for a walk when you get home from work, mowing the lawn instead of hiring someone to do it... there's a lot of options
  • Sit less and move more. We spend hours upon hours sitting every day. You're probably sitting reading this! Aim to get up from sitting every hour for a stretch or quick walk. Once you've got the hang of that, aim for every 30 minutes.

If you would like to take bigger action and help the men in your workforce, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a range of products and services that can be tailored to your workforce and to align with the Men's Health Week health event and theme. Some suggestions include interactive displays, health testing, health expos, interactive workshops and health promotion material. We have something to offer everyone.