The Global Pain Index (GPI) is a large study that looked into body pain around the world. It followed more than 7000 people over the age of 18 across 14 different countries, capturing personal, physical and emotional experiences with pain and the impact on our lives.

There were a number of key findings that caught our attention as we 100% agree and this is why we do what we do!

1.        Body pain cannot be ignored. 88% of people reported body pain. A majority of those experiencing pain feel it at least once per week and for significant amounts of time.

2.        The impact on everyday life. More than 8 out of 10 people state that pain is negatively impacting their capacity to do everyday activities. It is impacting their everyday life. More specifically, their professional life, social life and even their romantic/love live – everyday.

3.        Back pain is hugely prevalent. An alarming 94% of people across all participating countries feel pain in their back. This is crucial to their ability to move freely.

4.        The impact on mental health. A huge 67% of people stated that their pain is effecting their quality of life – both physically and emotionally. The impact of pain reaches far beyond physical pain and physical capacity. It effects their ability to be happy, their self-esteem and their ability to enjoy their day.

The study looks at the impact of pain on a number of areas of our lives, however for the purpose of this discussion we will be looking at the impact of pain in the workplace.

78% of professionals feel their pain impacts their work.

More specifically, they report it effecting their motivation, concentration and performance. 2 in 5 people have had to call in sick due to pain. Not only is pain a reason for absence at work, but it is also directly impacting on productivity and performance.

There is action you can take immediately to help reduce the impact!

Stand up. Take a walk. Have a stretch. Go get a drink of water.


Sitting for prolonged periods shortens our muscles and leaves them in a more susceptible-to-injury state. Regular movement breaks can significantly reduce the amount of pain experienced and cut injury rates significantly.

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