Did you know you can prevent injuries and boost productivity & performance with a warm up for work program for your workplace, suited to your workplace logistics?

How does a simple warm up make a difference? Increasing regular exercise has proven to be one of the best interventions for reducing back pain and musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace! An appropriate warm up routine for your job may help to reduce your risk of sustaining an injury while at work. A correct warm up can improve you body’s performance in a range of areas. If you are correctly warmed up for work you will be:

  • More focused
  • More productive; and, 
  • Have less chance of suffering an injury at work

Find out more about our warm up for work program here and get in touch with us today to discuss how this can be implemented at your workplace. Even if you think it can't be done - give us a call as you will be surprised at the logistical challenges we overcome every day!