What's better than helping your staff identify their heart health risk factors?

Follow-up coaching is a pretty good start! By having our project managers come back after the initial Healthy Heart Screen (during which heart health risk factors are identified and a brief action plan put in place), you're giving your staff a chance to start making changes to their lifestyle - then they can pick our brains during the follow-up coaching or we can provide a little extra motivation to keep at it. 

At Health by Design, we know that once-off services are great for awareness-raising but the real gold is in long-term, sustainable behaviour change. By booking a Healthy Heart Screen service as well as follow-up coaching you'll be making a much bigger impact than if you were to just book another generic heart health workshop where - typically - uptake is pretty poor! Instead, we will work with you to maximise engagement and uptake of your Healthy Heart Screens service. After-all... nothing happens until people participate.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can make this work for you or to book your service. National Heart Week (30th April - 6th May) is fast approaching - what better time for us to visit!