Did you know that 1kg of extra weight = 3kg of extra pressure on your knees?!
Carrying extra weight places extra pressure on the knees making them weaker through increased risk of wear and tear, and injury. 

waistline and knees pressure.jpg

Did you know?
50% of osteoarthritis cases are brought on by carrying too much extra weight/obesity. 

Carrying excess weight also puts your back under extra pressure. In fact, it could be the reason for your back pain. Carrying extra weight around the mid-section causes a bend in your back and compressive force on the spine, leading to disc degeneration and back pain. 

Check your waist for a clue: 
Men with a waistline greater than 94cm and women greater than 80cm are more likely to develop osteoarthritis and back pain than those with a waistline within healthy ranges. 

The good news is - there's lots you can do to reduce the impact on your body. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you raise awareness and promote better health and safety at your workplace.