Every year the cycle repeats itself, too many parties, too many dinners and an over indulgence of party food. When the New Year comes around you'll hear your employees vow to diet and exercise to get rid of those dreaded festive kilos! However, by simply moderating food and alcohol intake and keeping up a regular exercise routine, it's possible to avoid crazy festive weight gain.

Do you want your staff to come back from Christmas feeling like they've actually had a break, rather than completely over-indulged and been overwhelmed by stress?

Let us show you and your employees how! There are things you can do to encourage a healthier, safer Christmas. Find out all about them through one of the below Plan to Party theme service options:

  1. Interactive, fun & engaging workshop: Our workshops provide interesting, relevant information in a fun, interactive and engaging setting. We aren't your typical workshop providers. 
  2. Interactive display: This can be roaming or stand alone - you choose! What would suit your workplace best? Visible interactive displays demonstrate your commitment to the health and safety of your workplace, while creating a fun and interactive way to educate your staff. 
  3. HP material: Our health promotion material is developed by our in-house Research & Development team, based on behaviour change theory to ensure it is relevant for every single employee, no matter how committed (or not!) they currently are to their health. 

Have something else in mind? Not quite sure if these will work at your workplace? No worries! Simply get in touch with us today and we can answer all your questions and work out the best solution for your workplace.