Fatigue poses a significant risk to safety and productivity. It's also largely preventable. 

If half your workforce were intoxicated, do you think they would be safe and productive? Research shows that the risk of work-related injury and illness is increased in those working more than 60 hours per week, or more than 12 hours per day.
Compared to those undertaking 8 hour shifts, accident rates are double after 12 hours at work. Similar to being intoxicated, fatigue improves concentration levels, reduces productivity, and increases the likelihood of errors. In many ways fatigue mimics the effects of alcohol intoxication. 

A program which helps employees to recognise their personal responses to fatigue and stress, as well as providing corrective lifestyle behaviours to best counteract them can:

  • Improve productivity and reduce work errors
  • Improve cognitive performance and problem solving
  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injury
  • Improve employees health and quality of life

Join the dots

Fatigue is largely a symptom of lifestyle and behaviour choices. From exercise habits, to nutrition and sleep patterns, what your employees do outside of work has huge implications on how they perform at work. There's just no avoiding it!

Optimal fatigue management is not about drinking more coffee, sleeping more or working less. It's about physical, emotional and mental health demands. Much like stress, the symptoms of fatigue are highly personalised and therefore, so must be its effective management.

Our unique approach this workplace health and safety risk is one of the most successful formulas for reducing the impact of fatigue on your employee's wellbeing, and the associated cost it represents to your business. Our approaches provide sustained health and safety behaviour change outcomes for your organisation. Many other workplace health and safety initiatives will undertake the risk assessment and data collection components of a program, but then fail to achieve high enough levels of workplace engagement to achieve meaningful risk reduction and actually impact lives. 

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