Exercise is an excellent stress relief technique. Research shows that exercise and movement can improve both your cognitive function and your overall mental wellbeing. When you move, your heart rate rises which increases blood, oxygen and glucose (the body’s number one fuel source) supply to all parts of the body including the brain. When this occurs, energy production and waste removal processes are boosted- leaving you with a clearer mind!

In short, exercise can make you feel better even if you feel OK!

How? Exercise stimulates the release of chemicals in your brain that are responsible for improving your mood. If you exercise regularly, exercise can be as effective as medication in improving anxiety and depression. That's pretty powerful! 

In addition to that, here are some more mental health benefits of exercise:

- Improved sleep
- Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness by getting you out of the house
- It can put you in touch with other people
- Stress relief
- Improved energy
- Better memory and concentration

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