Did you know that more than 35 percent of people living with sleep apnea have high blood pressure? This can potentially lead to heart disease and other associated problems.

A recent survey in the US asked 800 commercial vehicle operators about their health and over 1/3 of them suffered mild to severe sleep apnea. Over 70 percent of those questioned were morbidly obese and over 50 percent of them smoked. The research found that being fatigued at work due to sleep apnea resulted in 50 percent decrease in judgement and 75 percent decrease in attention.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is where the throat closes up during sleep, blocking the upper airway. Breathing then stops for a period of time, enough time for the brain to register the lack of oxygen, and will then wake up the sufferer. It can lead to fragmented sleep, fatigue and poor concentration and work performance.

Obesity is one of the common causes of sleep apnea, but did you know that a 10% weight reduction can be enough to cease symptoms. In many cases, there are people who have sleep apnea who are unaware they have it. Health by Design offer neck measuring in our health checks, as having a large neck circumference can be indicative of the disorder. Alongside having a BMI over 30, males with a neck circumference over 43cm and females over 37cm could be at greater risk of developing sleep apnea. We offer these health checks in the comfort of your workplace, meaning you don’t need to go to the GP or leave the office for the day.

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