Did you know that stretching for one minute a day for a month can increase your range of motion by up to 70 percent? Stretching also allows muscles to lengthen, especially those muscles under stress by constant sitting. Regular stretching can also allow you to recovery quickly, limiting possibilities of becoming injured at work.

We have several programs in place to help your workplace achieve its goals. Injury prevention as well as workplace safety are two of our major areas of focus at Health by Design, as injuries can limit your role at work and in some cases may cause you to take time off work. Being unsafe at work can have dire consequences not only causing injury but in some extreme cases can cause death. It’s important to be aware of correct technique in manual tasks as well as your surroundings to be as safe as possible at work. Our programs are designed to engage all employees in your specific area of interest.

We have short and targeted programs (3 to 5 minutes) of highly engaging and interactive content effectively communicated to all employees. There is no need to leave the office or work site, we come to you! Our ongoing coaching by our health professionals allows employees to develop an action plan to improve their overall health and performance.  

There are several workplace risk factors that can influence safety at work, for example stress, fatigue and poor ergonomics. Employees who are aware of these risk factors and understand them are mostly likely able to reduce health and injury risks within the workplace.

If your workplace is interested in the injury prevention and workplace safety programs we run, get in contact with us today for more information.