Did you know that only 19 percent of men meet the suggested target of 10,000 steps per day?

It’s widely known that life expectancy in men is five years less than for females, but exercise could help stop this trend.

With Men’s Health week finishing up, it’s important that all men should be getting involved in some type of physical activity. This can include going for walks, playing sports with mates and with family, kicking the footy with the kids; any type of exercise whether it be big or small is beneficial.

Men are more susceptible to a number of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes compared to women. In most cases, the risk factors associated with chronic disease can be modified through physical activity, good nutrition, limiting alcohol and ceasing smoking.

Recent research in Western Australia has suggested that less than half the male population in are ‘sufficiently active’ with at least 20 percent being inactive. 50 percent of males are likely to die between the ages of 15-60, due to ill health caused by poor lifestyle choices and inactivity. The National Health Guidelines state 150 minutes a week of exercise is required to maintain good health, which equates to only 22 minutes of exercise per day! So there is enough time in your day to exercise and of course, you always feel better after having exercised.  

Health by Design have a targeted men’s health program called Formula Health. Formula Health is designed for men and brings health to you. Research shows that men are typically not good at getting health checks, discussing health issues and being proactive about their health. Formula Health is a fun and engaging way for men to discuss serious health issues with a twist with using car analogies to get men involved.

If your organisation is interested in our Formula Health program, contact us today for more information.