Did you know that drinking just 1-3 more cups of plain tap water daily can help people control their weight?

In a recent study, researchers looked at water consumption in 18,000 U.S participants and found that those who increased their water intake by 1% reduced their total daily caloric intake. They also reduced their intake of sugar, sodium and saturated fat. Researchers found that participants consumed between 5 to 18 grams less sugar when increasing water intake.

Despite this research, Australians are still struggling with sugar consumption. In a recent survey with over 8,000 participants, 55% of them consumed more than the maximum recommended daily intake of sugar with sugar sweetened beverages the greatest contributor.

Despite the knowledge of sugars in soft drinks, soft drink consumption is still at similar levels. The British government are soon implementing the ‘Sugar tax” and Australia doesn’t look likely to follow suit anytime soon in the midst of election race. A 20 percent tax on sugar beverages could save more than 1,600 lives and raise at least $400 million a year for health initiatives. A study from the University of Queensland has investigated the prospect of a sugar drinks tax and the benefits it has for the population.

The key findings if the sugary drinks tax was introduced in Australia:

  • In 25 years’ time: 16,000 fewer cases of type 2 diabetes
  • 4,400 fewer cases of heart disease
  • 1,000 fewer cases of stroke

One thing that everyone can do is to limit the amount of sugary drinks consumed and consume more water. Water is vital for bodily functions and necessary for keeping hydrated. 

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