This telecommunications company enlisted the help from Health by Design and achieved 79% average engagement across the modules. Other significant results included:

  • 161 behavioural changes
  • 77% of employees made at least one behavioural change
  • Top behavioural changes included: improving posture, stretching, increasing physical activity and increasing fruit and vegetable intake.
  • 60 measured changes

Here are some of the individual success stories from those who engaged in the health modules:

  • One employee has been walking three times a week with a friend. She has also changed her diet by including more fruit and vegetables and decreasing caffeine and cheese intake. She has improved her HDL cholesterol and has lost 3kg.
  • Another employee walks a minimum of 45 minutes per day. He has also increased his fruit and vegetable consumption as well as limiting sugary food and takeaway. He has lost 3kg and 7cm around the waist.
  • Another employee walks to and from work on his daily commute as well as reducing portion size at dinner. He has seen a 6cm loss from his waist and has improved his blood glucose levels from high risk to low risk

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