1 in 5 Australians have reported that stress has a strong to very strong impact on their physical and mental health.  With 90% of all disease and illness stress related, it is important that we find ways to manage stress better; not just for our mental health, but for physical health as well!

With the end of financial year looming, some people may find themselves stressing more than usual to meet key deadlines. However, ensuring that you are eating well, incorporating exercise in your routine and sleeping well are some ways to tackle stress. It is proven that exercise is a fantastic source of eliminating stress by promoting dopamine and other feel good neurotransmitters and decreasing production of cortisol. Walking at a brisk pace for 35 minutes five times a week saw a significant reduction in mild to moderate depression symptoms.

Here is a list of potential issues sustained stress can cause:

  • Increased irritability, fatigue and decreased motivation and energy levels
  • Increased blood pressure
  • High cholesterol leading to an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Weight gain and obesity
  • Digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome
  • Reduced immune system: easier to get sick and longer to recover from illness

Our programs are designed to engage clients by discussing stress and ways to combat stress through several methods. Our mental health programs are a total population approach to good mental health, resilience and high performance in the workplace. They look at behavioural change by primarily focusing on being proactive to change lifestyle factors to build resilience and mental health.

Health by Design can come to you and provide modules based of your workplace needs. You can either do a single module, or complete a whole program; it’s up to you! Finding ways to deal with stress is important in terms of performance and productivity, that is why our programs focus on behavioural change and promoting resilience and positive mental health. 

If your organisation is interested in our mental health programs and deskdrop coaching, contact us today for more information.