Did you know that if you are only 1% dehydrated it can decrease your cognitive function by 5%?

Hydration is important! We are made up of 70% water and throughout the day, we need to ensure that we are properly hydrated. The recommendations are to drink 8-10 glasses per day, or 2-3 litres, and if you are exercising, unwell or in the heat, you need to drink more. Drinking the recommended amount can improve cognitive function by up to 30%. Dehydration also is a major cause of low energy and decrease in brain function, as the body has to work hard to maintain water balance. Blood concentration also increases as the kidneys retain water, leading the heart to work harder to maintain blood pressure.

How do you know when you are becoming dehydrated?

The first real symptom is thirst! That’s your body telling you to start drinking water. Sometimes we often forget to have a drink of water especially if we are busy. Another clear sign is the colour of your urine. If its becoming darker in colour, that’s an indication that you are dehydrated! Other symptoms include headaches, dizziness, dry mouth and heart palpitations.

This can impact your work as you may be feeling sluggish from being dehydrated! Here are some tips to keep you hydrated throughout the day:

  • Carry a water bottle with you on the go! (It saves you paying a fortune for a bottle of water)
  • If you tend to forget to drink water, set an alarm every 15 minutes to have a drink.
  • Have a glass or bottle of water with you at your desk,
  • Remember to have a big drink of water when you wake up, we often wake up dehydrated after a nights sleep!

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