By recruiting Health by Design, this electrical company has had 78% engagement from all employees participating in the corporate health modules. Other significant results included:

  • 229 behaviour changes across the health module
  • 47% of employees have made at least one behaviour change including increasing physical activity levels and healthy eating.
  • 151 measured changes achieved during the 3 month health module.

Here are just some individual success stories from those who engaged in the health modules:

  • One employee has gone back to the gym and trains 4 times a week. He wanted to improve his cardiovascular fitness and now states he has more energy to get through the working day.
  • Another employee believed that she was becoming sedentary in her lifestyle. She used the support and motivation provided by the Health by Design coach to re-join her rowing team. She also has cut her food portions in half and has lost 4cm from her waist!

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