More than 470 000 males die per year from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Many of these deaths can be prevented with a couple of key lifestyle changes such as increasing physical activity levels, improving diet and cutting down on alcohol. Men are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, being the number one cause of death in Australian males, followed by stroke and diabetes which also feature in the top 10. Men’s Health Week encourages males of all ages to be involved in events, promotions and other activities supporting health and wellbeing.  Make sure you get in on the action by booking one of our Men’s Health Week solutions!

Here are our top 3 suggested Men’s Health Week solutions:

1-Health checks

When was the last time you had your engine checked? If you heard a rattle in your car, would you take it in right away? If you let the problem persist, will it go away or will it fix itself? Your body is just like a car, it needs maintenance and services regularly. Health checks are just like your car service, ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Checking your blood pressure, cholesterol, waist circumference and blood glucose levels is just as important as checking your oil, fuel and the battery of your car. Our Health checks are a quick and easy way to get an overall view of your health, but it doesn’t take all day like your car service does! Participants will go through each health pit stop and get different aspects of their health checked just like the checks your car undergoes during its service.

2-Heart health or men’s health workshops

Men are 3 times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease has strong links to obesity, inactivity and high blood pressure. Tyre pressure is important in a car, if you have too much pressure is in your tyre, it will be unable to cope. Same rules apply for your blood pressure. High blood pressure can make your heart work harder and leave you more susceptible to a heart attack or stroke. Our Formula Health branded workshops are interactive, fun, engaging and provide a laidback setting for discussing methods and tips for good heart health for your entire workforce or men’s health only. All you have to do it let us know which workshop topic would suit your workforce best!  

3-Formula Health expo

Formula Health is can be tailored for a male workforce, or men and women. It brings health to you. Research shows that men are typically not good at getting health checks, discussing health issues and being proactive about their health. Formula Health is a fun and engaging way to break down this barrier and for men to discuss serious health issues with a twist with using car analogies to get men involved. Ladies don’t have to miss out either! We can easily tailor your expo to best suit your workforce!

Get in contact with us today to find out more about our health checks, workshops and expos and what they can bring to your workplace.