Did you know that 90 percent of all back problems are due to poor posture? 

This includes both seating and standing posture, not only does it cause several issues, but it doesn't look that great either! If you are one that sits all day at work, when was the last time you were aware of your posture? When was the last time you took a break from your desk? With sitting disease becoming a new health issue, learn why poor posture is impacting your health.

Lets start with the obvious- it hurts. Poor posture can contribute to muscle and joint pain. Especially if you are sitting down all day, your muscles get fatigued and stiffen up. They will also become weaker because they aren't being used. It's important to take regular breaks from sitting, even if it's getting up and having a stretch. Aim at least to get up once or twice every hour. 

It cuts off your circulation. If you tend to sit crossed legged or slouch, it can impact on circulation. Slouching can impact on breathing, and the availability of oxygen as well. Do you notice that when you open up through your chest that you can breathe better? 

Want to be constipated? Yes, poor posture can contribute to that. When you slouch you are folding in all of your intenstines, and it makes that process slower.

Tips to improve posture? Stretch and strengthen key muscles of the lower and upper back. 

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