Research is suggesting listening to your favourite music improves overall enjoyment of exercise. 

Music plays a role in many people's lives, and may be used as a method it push people into working harder when they exercise. There are several theories behind this such as the distraction theory; by listening to music while exercising may make you forget how hard you are working. Another theories considers music as a motivating factor as well as improving power output and could potentially improve performance. Research also suggests that it has the ability to change perceptions about exercise and improve exercise compliance in the future. 

Recent research from McMaster University in Canada has considered music with high intensity interval training (HIIT) in whether this would improve people's enjoyment of exercise. HIIT is all the rage, with it being a short workout so great for time poor people, so there is no excuse not to exercise! Research has already seen positive results when it comes to music and moderate intensity exercise,so this is one of the first projects of research considering higher intensity exercise and music. Research suggests that people struggle to push when it comes to exercise. They took 20 healthy and active participants who hadn't completed HIIT training previously. The participants completed a questionnaire about their perception of HIIT as well as listing some of their favourite songs to work out to. They completed intervals on the bike for 30 minutes and then were required to state their enjoyment levels post exercise. The scale was 1 to 7, with 7 being an enjoyable workout that they enjoyed. The average score across the participants was 5. Once again, showing that music can make exercise more enjoyable. 

So with that, it's time to grab the iPod, speakers or headphones and pump out your favourite tunes while you exercise. 

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