By enlisting the services of Health by Design to improve the health of their employees, an oil and gas company has achieved results well above industry averages. Here are just some of their results:

  • 97% average engagement.
  • A total of 235 behaviour changes. This means that employees made sustained improvement in terms of their health, wellbeing or injury prevention key focus area.
  • At least 57% of participants made at least one behaviour change. 
  • Decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol, hip to waist ratio, and body fat.

Here are just a few snippets of individual success stories from those who participated in the health modules and coaching:

  • One employee decreased their blood glucose levels by 3.0mmol/L, moving them from the high risk category to low risk.
  • By decreasing portion sizes, one employee has lost 8cm around their waist, 4cm off their hips as well as reduced their total body fat by 1.4%.
  • An increase in exercise resulted in one employee losing 4kg as well as 2% body fat.
  • Another employee has had a significant reduction in total cholesterol and lost 3.1kg. 

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