Completing more physical activity lowers the risk of developing five major diseases according to research from the University of Washington in the U.S.

The five major diseases discussed in this paper included: breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, ischemic stroke and ischemic heart disease. They found that completing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week (the recommended amount in the National Physical Activity Guidelines) saw decreases in developing those five diseases. That is not to say that active people will not develop these diseases, but more that exercise will decrease the risk of the development of those particular diseases. They found decreases in risk of up to 28 percent for diabetes, and 14-21 percent for breast and colon cancer respectively. 

In the meta-analysis completed, research also considered the dose response relationship- simply meaning the more exercise you do, the more effects it will have. Though, some is better than none. They found that exercise decreased mortality rates by 20% compared to those who weren't active. Research from James Cook University found that there was further decreases in mortality with more exercise completed each week. They found that mortality rates decreased by 54 percent when individuals completed 300 minutes of exercise weekly. 

Again, 150 minutes may seem a lot, but its only 21 minutes per day. Moderate intensity is being able to complete exercise whilst holding a conversation. So why not get some friends or some family members and go for a walk? Or a kick of the footy or go throw a frisbee? Exercise doesn't have to be a chore, find something that you'll enjoy, whether it be going on regular walks, joining a social sporting group or trying a dance class. 

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