Did you know that one in seven Australians will suffer from depression in their lifetime? It is also the third highest cause of burden in Australia and the World Health Organisation is predicting that depression and anxiety will become one of the main health concerns in both developed and non developed countries by 2030. 

Mental illness is something that should not be shied from as it is becoming a prominent health issue in Australia. With workers spending up to one-third of their day at work, workplaces need to create a safe and supportive environment for all employees. The cost of mental illness is close to $20 billion per annum, with many of that due to lost labour and productivity. Mental illness can arise from many situations, whether it be st work due to stress or witnessing traumatic events or affecting an employee on a personal level, promoting positive mental health for all employees should be of high priority for those with and without mental illness.

Health by Design provides a total population approach in addressing mental health, resilience and high performance. You can either have programs delivered to your workplace as individual modules or as a high performance program. We focus on three unique levels of behavioural change to improve and promote positive mental health: 

1: Headquarters: Focuses pro-actively on lifestyle factors that will build resilience and improve mental health for participants involved.

2: High Performance pathway: this program joins the dots between physical, mental and emotional health and allows individuals to explore these facets of health. The aim of this program is to educate individuals about these areas and to provide a targeted plan for improved health and performance in each of these dimensions.

3: Chemistry for success: Brain chemistry plays a major role in the regulation of brain activity, emotion and behaviour. A chemical imbalance can impact on several factors in health, such as mood regulation, motivation and mental performance. By understanding your specific brain chemistry profile, you can actively influence your behaviours, health and performance. 

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