Did you know that fast food restaurants are the most frequent places visited when people go out for a meal? 

The rise of fast food has subsequently seen the rise of obesity increase. As our lives become busier, going to a fast food restaurant may convenient for some, especially after a long day at work. However, fast food is full of empty calories, high in saturated fats and low in fibre. The saying food is fuel is obsolete when it comes to junk food, and can often make us feel unwell, lethargic and can lead to other health issues:

  • Sodium: junk food has lots of salt (AKA: Sodium). Excess sodium will cause the body to retain water and leave us feeling bloated. If you have high blood pressure, sodium can cause it to get higher, by making the heart work harder than it needs to. Further risks associated with excess sodium consumption include kidney disease and kidney stones- again, the kidneys help filter water and they go into overdrive when you eat too much salt.
  • Fat: All that carby goodness- sorry, it can lead to weight gain. In many junk food cases, calories are high, fat levels are also high. In reality, you are consuming more than you need to, all in empty calories. The liver is the organ that processes this fat, and if you consume fat and don't burn it, say hello to weight gain. The liver becomes overworked, and instead of fat being processed in the liver, it goes elsewhere. 
  • Sugar: Ever wonder how much sugar is in that soft drink? Most Australians are consuming double the amount of sugar recommended, and again, excess sugar adds on the kilos. With 280 Australians diagnosed with diabetes daily, sugar plays a role in the control of blood glucose and sugar levels. 
  • Depression: As much as that burger may be tasty, research has found that those who consume junk food on a regular basis are 51 percent more likely to develop depression compared to those who have little or no junk food. This could be due to being overweight or obese, as there is a link between obesity and depression. 

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