This transport company enlisted the help from Health by Design to assist their employees to make positive lifestyle changes. The overall results included:

  • An average 81 percent engagement
  •  74 behaviour changes
  • 86 percent of participants made at least one behavioural change 
  • Most common behavioural changes included diet modifications, increased physical activity and blood pressure reduction.

Here are some personal success stories from participants engaged in the health modules:

  • One employee who was overweight, had high cholesterol and was sedentary aimed to change their diet as they were eating fast food several times per week. Through coaching and the support of the Health by Design team the employee has now lost 10.5kg, eats home meals 4-6 times a week and has reduced their cholesterol from high to healthy range.
  • Another employee was hesitant in undergoing the program, however the employee gained the trust of their coach and limited fast food intake, increased physical activity levels. They have now lost 7kgs and 8cm off their waistline.

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